About us

We buy catalytic converters of the most renowned car brands

Our offer includes converters with ceramic and metallic cores as well as FAP DPF particulate filters and ceramic monoliths.




We buy wholesale and single items.In the case of large amounts of converters, we can pick them up from the client after prior agreement specifying the date of pickup. Regular converter suppliers get individual, better prices. We provide professional services of a well-trained staff. We pay in cash.

Thanks to our established position on the market we have the opportunity to cooperate with numerous domestic and foreign suppliers.



What can influence the price of catalytic converters?

The converter prices depend on such factors as the content of precious metals: Rhodium, palladium, platinum. Another very important factor is the current EUR-USD exchange rate. The prices of converters can fluctuate by ca. 7 percent. Please take a look at our offer in the Kan-Kat pricelist and in the Contact section.